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About MakeOffices

MakeOffices has come a long way in the decade it's been in business. What started as an 8,500-square-feet co-office space in Virginia has blossomed into a multi-state endeavor.

Presenting a large variety of coworking spaces, MakeOffices is well-known in the industry for not only its offices but for the amenities it provides. Companies and individual workers alike can enjoy such amenities as unlimited craft beer on tap, massage chairs, game rooms, and wellness rooms, along with its countless professional work services. It all makes for the perfect blend of professionalism and comfort.

MakeOffices has month-by-month lease offerings in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago. The short-term lease options afford businesses flexibility, making it a good option for start-ups or corporations needing a temporary workspace.

Workers looking for individual workstations can also find hot desks and dedicated desks to enjoy working away from home in their own personalized work environment.

Service Offerings

  • Private offices
  • Virtual offices
  • Hot desks
  • Dedicated desks

Why MakeOffices Stands Out:


MakeOffices provides a variety of both entertaining and educational events for all clients. Previous events hosted by the company include pitch competitions, workshops, lectures, luncheons, and even a virtual reality arcade day. Attending these gatherings not only makes for great learning opportunities but gives everyone a chance to network, meeting like-minded individuals.

Virtual Office Offerings

When it comes to virtual office benefits, it's hard to beat MakeOffices. Virtual office members get a mailing address and collection, two hours of conference room time each month, and complete access to member benefits, discounts, and special events.

Whereas other coworking organizations may place limits on what virtual office workers have access to, there are none to be found at MakeOffices. The lack of restrictions creates an atmosphere for everyone to be on the same playing field.

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