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About WorkSuites?

WorkSuites is an innovative office rental service that makes renting an office space easy and convenient for a wide range of different business needs. Based in Texas, WorkSuites is represented in dozens of markets across the state, primarily in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metropolitan areas.

With a core business model that centers on clients' office needs, WorkSuites has a wide range of rental options and amenities. A few of their satisfied clients include LA Fitness, State Farm, Paul Mitchell, Mattress Firm, and Tekronix,

Multiple rental options to meet all needs

WorkSuites offers different space options to meet all office needs, including small single offices, large executive suites, group conference rooms, and open office spaces. All WorkSuites offices come fully furnished and include cleaning services, high-speed internet, and other office essentials.

For those who don't want to invest in a whole office space, WorkSuites offers hybrid memberships, which allow clients the luxury of a private office within a larger shared office space. WorkSuites offices also feature many excellent amenities, including 24/7 building access, front-desk receptionist services, and unlimited coffee bars.

Why WorkSuites stands out among the competition

WorkSuites puts its clients’ professional needs first. The company recognizes that an office is more than a physical space — it's a full representation of a business or organization. Thus, a client can be reassured that only their brand is visible in their WorkSuites space.

WorkSuites also offers innovative virtual office plans. These plans allow clients who don't need a physical office space to rent a physical mailing address and a localized phone number.

Best of all, WorkSuites maintains low upfront costs without any hidden fees or additional charges. All WorkSuites clients also have access to locally based customer service, including IT and administrative assistance, at an affordable cost.

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