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Every operator. Every building. Every office. Every price. All in one place. We've done the hard work so you don't have to.

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No fuss, drag and drop interactive proposals. Personalised with your brand and logo. Save on time, not on quality.

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Win Fees

Retain control of leads. Tools to manage referrals and tour booking that will help you place your client in a Flex office.

For Tenants

Flex Space to: Work. Grow. Collaborate. Focus.

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Thousands of Coworking Office Spaces on Rubberdesk. This is where your search begins.

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Shortlist your favourite fully fitted offices and arrange tours all with one-click tour booking.

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Simple Terms, low deposit, fast turn around. Great office space made easy for how you need it.

For Owners

Connecting Tenants and Agents with Flex Space Owners.

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The Rubberdesk team will help upload your office space, maintain pricing and keep your availability up to date.

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Get Leads

No fuss and no noise. Based on your availability and pricing, receive fully qualified leads interested in your offices.

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Win Deals

Tours arranged, proposals sent and terms agreed. We make finding Flex space easy.

About Rubberdesk

Rubberdesk is a pure Flex platform that specializes in connecting Tenants and Commercial Leasing Agents with Flexible Offices and Coworking Spaces.

Our proprietary Flex Marketing platform gives an unprecedented view across all the available Flex and Coworking offices. We make it easy to compare all the options side by side, in clear, concise terms. For the first time, traditional Leasing Agents and Tenant Representatives have access to the tools to service Flex and Coworking enquiries.

It's our goal to make Flex and Coworking Office Space a part of every direct leasing proposal that Tenants are shown and ensure Tenants are given all the options.

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