How it works.

How it works.

Flexible office space is perfect for dynamic businesses that need ready to use office space. Rubberdesk is a platform that covers the whole Coworking and Flex Office Space market to compare all the options.

Flex Platform For Agents

Rubberdesk is the FREE platform for Commercial Real Estate Agents and Tenant Representatives to compare, propose and market Coworking and Flex Office Space to their Tenant enquiries.

For Commercial Real Estate Agents and Tenant Reps who want to WIN MORE FEES, Rubberdesk offers you a Flex focused marketing platform.

Choose how you want to run each deal on a deal by deal basis.... We're here if you need.



You've got the lead and want to run it yourself.

Use the Rubberdesk platform to find the best Flex options for your Tenant.

Create awesome proposals and secure inspections.

And yes - for FREE and without obligation.



It's your lead - we'll do the work to place them.

Perfect for when you're showing Lease options and want to cover Flex

Or when you don't have time to run the deal yourself.

When the deal closes, we split fees 50:50 with you.

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No Commitment. No Cost.

Apply to join a select group of Agents with access to the best-in-class Flex Focused Broker platform



Every option at your fingertips.

Create a shortlist for your client that matches their brief, with building specs, office details and availability, pricing and terms.



Secure inspections and place your client in coworking office space that meets the brief.

Flex Office Space fees are typically 10% of the first year's contract value.

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Flex Works Differently

There are a number of differences between Direct Leasing and Flex. Length of term, inclusions, facilities and pricing all differ.

With shorter terms, typically 12 months, turnover of Flex office space is high. That makes it difficult for Leasing Agents to keep up with what's available and current prices and offers. That's where Rubberdesk comes in.

The fast-paced nature of the Flex market makes it fiercely competitive for Agents to get nominations, maintain control and secure fees. This is why Leasing Agents and Tenant Representatives use Rubberdesk as their Flex platform.

How to Spot a Potential Flex Enquiry

Here are just a few of "Flex Trigger Words" that Agents listen for in a tenant brief to give Coworking and Flex Office Space options:

Why Agents use Rubberdesk's Flex Platform

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We Make Flex Easy

We track real-time availability and pricing of every Flex and Coworking office, so you can find all the options in one place. Our Proposal tools help you collate all the options that meet the client brief and submit them with your branding.

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Fast Wins

Nominating and maintaining control of a Flex space enquiry can be difficult and time-consuming.

Rubberdesk's Flex-focused platform streamlines the process to quickly and efficiently give occupiers all the options, arrange inspections and secure the nomination.

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Trusted Partner

Rubberdesk is a trusted partner of Agents and Tenant Reps. We're motivated to see you win more deals and secure more fees.

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Offer Lease & Flex

Show occupiers all the options and cover the whole market - Direct and Flex.

We believe every Direct Lease proposal should have a Flex component to it - it's our goal to make that the norm.

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Access The Flex API

Our free interface plugs directly into your site to feed real-time pricing and availability.

See it in action: Cadigal and Get in touch to learn more.

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Earn from Flex

Stop dropping fees on the ground.

Capture more fees by serving a growing segment of the Real Estate market.

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