How it works.

How it works.

Flexible office space is perfect for dynamic businesses that need ready to use office space. Rubberdesk is a platform that covers the whole Coworking and Flex Office Space market to compare all the options.

Simple Licence Agreements

To make sharing flexible office space easy, we present a straight forward and plain speaking short form licence agreement.
It's not a lease or a sublease. It's a licence agreement to use the space and adhere to house rules. At the Hosts' discretion, we'll send the agreement to sign electronically - done in minutes - so easy!

Note that most Coworking Operators have their own agreements for you to use instead of ours.

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The licence agreement is used at the discretion of the Host and is between the Host and Guest.

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Here's where the details and term of the booking are covered, along with the space description and inclusions. It's where you'll find the particulars of the licence term & notice period.

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Agreed Terms

These are the standard short form licence terms that describe occupancy, obligations, termination and confidentiality for the term of the agreement.

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House Rules

It's important to start off on the right foot and have some ground rules in place for a long lasting and happy sharing relationship.

Simple & flexible terms in the short form licence agreement.

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Licence duration

Renting for 3, 6 or 12 months often locks in a lower monthly rate and sets the minimum rental period the Guest can stay without forfeiting the last month's rent. At the end of the initial term, the licence continues on a rolling monthly basis with one month's notice.

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At the end of the initial term, the Guest can simply give a month's notice to leave. If they decide to leave before the end of the initial term the final month's rent is paid out to the Host.

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A full refund is paid where over a calendar month before move in date, or within 24 hours of the booking being made as long as the rental period has not begun. If the rental period has not begun, and it's outside the above parameters, a 50% refund will be paid. There are no refunds once the rental period has begun.

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