With 1020 business centres across the US, you can find Regus in major cities, airports, service stations and public buildings in most cities. Compare workspaces and serviced office space from Regus on Rubberdesk.

About Regus

Regus LogoSo you're ready to begin your search for flexible office space but don't know where to start? We'd recommend having a look through what Regus Australia has to offer. Whether you're searching in the CBD or a suburb closer to home, with over 80 locations across Australia, Regus makes the search for office space easy as can.

Regus enables thousands of people and their businesses to “work where they want, when they want and how they want.”

With private offices and coworking desks available, Regus offers a professional solution for those looking for affordable desk or office rates whilst still focusing on a corporate atmosphere.

Australia’s Largest Serviced Office Provider

As far as its Australian offerings, Regus has 71 locations across Australia's central business districts, airports, and suburbs. The company oversees 608 serviced offices in all.

Ideal for Corporates

Although all Regus locations come complete with a coffee machine, the coffee-shop vibe WeWork is known for is absent here. While WeWork puts the emphasis on making communal spaces, Regus focuses on creating corporate ones. Individual spaces are enclosed and private while providing all of the extras expected from a serviced office.

Privacy is a Key Feature

Regus's locations exude professionalism and class in every detail. As such, the company is particularly well-suited for legal and financial professionals. agencies, and large corporations. Business addresses and virtual offices are also available for companies that need them.

Regus puts particular emphasis on privacy and security, and its enhanced COVID protocols allow for further physical distancing in addition to its ramped-up sanitization efforts.

Amenities & Features

Photo: Regus Sydney

  • Professional reception team
  • Member discounts
  • Networking events
  • Business-grade WiFi
  • Secure IT infrastructure
  • Mail notifications, handling
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Printing facilities
  • Global lounge access
  • End of trip facilities
  • Coworking space
  • End of trip facilities
  • Security, cleaning, utilities & maintenance

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We currently have no listings available for Regus. Don't worry, we can still help! We can help you track down the perfect the office for you by Regus or something nearby.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Members Love Working at Regus


Join A Global Community

A huge benefit that comes along with coworking is the ability to collaborate with professionals from all industries. Joining a Regus community allows you to meet and network with the thousands of other Regus members. Along with monthly networking and knowledge-sharing events, Regus can help you grow your clientele and gain valuable skills.


Prime locations worldwide

With over 3,000 centres located across the globe, Regus centres are situated in either a prime CBD position or in convenient outer suburbs. Choosing a coworking desk or private office at any of the Regus locations will offer you a professional business address to hold meetings and meet clients.


Superb private offices and coworking spaces

Each Regus centre offers premium offices that each features modern furniture, high-speed internet, all-inclusive pricing and the ability to increase the size as you take on new staff.

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