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About Bond Collective Coworking

Bond Collective can deliver your business hospitality and design-centric coworking and shared office spaces. Founded in 2012, Shlomo Silber and Elie Deitsch originally started the company in New York under the name "Coworkrs" but later rebranded it in 2017 to Bond Collective, reflecting its growth.

Starting Bond Collective came from Silber's need to build office space for his construction company with some extra coworking spaces.

Bond Collective has multiple locations in New York, California, Illinois, Washington D.C., Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Service Offering

Whether you need office space for you and a few employees or an entire floor to accommodate a large team, Bond Collective can help you obtain an area with zero stress. Their membership plans include dedicated desks, private offices, day passes, coworking, and conference rooms. Bond Collective also offers you custom-built spaces if needed.

The company also provides the following shared spaces:

  • Conference rooms
  • Phone booths
  • Guest reception
  • Mother's room
  • Bike storage

What Makes Bond Collective Unique?

One of Bond Collective's distinct qualities is the hospitality angle it brings to the coworking space. This company designs luxury workplaces, therefore providing its members an environment where they can feel relaxed, accepted, and comfortable while working. Shlomo Silber elaborates further on this:

"We are just more and more into the hospitality angle of this business. Ultimately, it's a lifestyle brand and a service industry."

Bond Collective also designs the interior of its workplace to "reflect the personality of each community and their environment." So when you walk into any Bond Collective building, you will feel the neighborhood vibe --- which may be a significant reason why business owners and entrepreneurs join them.

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