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About The Cannon

The Cannon is a membership service and innovation hub that works to connect professionals and entrepreneurs with the resources and networking events they need for their businesses to thrive. The Cannon stands out for its unique “democratic” focus, which prioritizes entrepreneurial support and connections.

Based in the city of Houston, Texas, the Cannon has three great locations in Downtown Houston, Houston West, and the Galleria area. The Cannon is also rapidly growing beyond Texas, both nationally and internationally.

Service Offerings

The Cannon organizes its membership services according to six types of clients:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Corporate innovators
  • Advisors
  • Service providers
  • Ecosystem builders

Along with providing physical spaces and essential business services, the Cannon strives to bring each of these types of clients together to promote collaboration, resource sharing, and innovation.

The Cannon has recently launched an additional service that allows members to sign up for various benefits that would normally only be available in traditional corporate career environments. These benefits include medical/dental insurance, legal protection, and retirement plans.

Bringing Professional Spaces Together

The Cannon is unique among innovation hubs because it focuses on blending the physical and professional spaces so that its clients can get the most out of their membership. Along with providing well-equipped and comfortable physical office space, the Cannon brings different groups of professionals and entrepreneurs together in a way that supports business growth and innovation.

The Cannon also features several unique resources that its members can use to bring their business or service to the next level. They offer a member-matching platform, in which members can find the right people to best support their goals, a talent portal for both potential employers and employees, and a knowledge center that offers articles, presentations, podcasts, and more on topics related to various aspects of business.

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