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About Jay Suites

Completely New York-based, Jay Suites consists of luxurious workspaces for individuals and companies, frosted glass sliding doors and all.

For nearly 15 years, the company has been sought out by solo entrepreneurs and large Fortune 500 companies for experiencing the lavish side of the coworking world.

Aside from its top-of-the-line physical workspaces, Jay Suites also provides a large number of other first-rate workspaces. These include a full-time receptionist, 24/7 IT and technology support, and even a partnership with Starbucks coffee for coworking coffee lovers.

Jay Suites has places across Manhattan, from Times Square to Wall Street. Each spot has its range of high-class services and luxury, high-rate amenities.

Service Offerings

The Yard offers its members a place to get down and do some serious work. Membership gives access to services like:

  • Private offices
  • Virtual offices
  • Shared offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Event space

Why Jay Suites Stands Out

Member Meetups

Jay Suites highlights its membership program, presenting a variety of meetup opportunities for each of its members. These include workshops, classes, feedback sessions, and networking opportunities in its many membership lounges spread out in the city, including the ever-so-popular rooftop terraces on 5th avenue and 34th street.

Jay Suites Enterprise

Similar to Knotel, Jay Suites offers companies the ability to collaborate with professional teams on personalizing office spaces with custom layouts. All construction, painting, and office construction is done 100% in-house according to each company's needs. Jay Suites' inclusive service package helps companies save tremendously on short- and long-term costs.

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