Nomadworks offers an unbeatable flexible office solutions with conference rooms of all sizes, tailored membership options, and free member events. It is the perfect place for your team and business to grow and thrive.

About Nomadworks


Founder and CEO Steven Cohen created Nomad Works to bring boutique service-oriented offerings to co-working spaces at an affordable price. Nomadworks has two locations in Manhattan and is working on opening a third location in the city. They are also looking to expand to other East Coast cities.

Nomadworks offer co-working desks, dedicated desks, and private serviced offices. Their offices feature rooms with natural light, large windows, sitting and standing desks, and phone booths for privacy when making calls. Nomad Works' main Broadway co-working space has a rooftop so members can work outside. Conference and meeting rooms are also available, and Nomadworks will book event space for members if needed.

Nomadworks also offers a virtual membership option where members get a New York address to use for their business. With this option, members can receive mail and have it forwarded to them. Virtual members can even choose to have a New York phone number, complete with a professional receptionist answering and filtering calls. Virtual options also come with access to Nomad Works' amenities, including discounts on conference and meeting rooms.

What Makes Them Unique

More than being just an office, Nomadworks wants to be a place where people can develop connections and improve themselves. As such, they focus on supporting work-life balance and fostering wellness through their co-working spaces that have free weekly yoga, a meditation room, a hair salon, a bike area, and showers. They also host events to bring their members together. These can be business events, where they invite high-profile industry experts to speak, or social events like happy hour, bagel Mondays, and group yoga


  • 1216 Broadway
  • 240 W 40th Street

Amenities & Features

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  • Lockable Offices
  • 24/7 Access
  • Free Wellness Program
  • Free Weekly Events
  • Lockers
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Premium Manhatten Address
  • Dedicated NYC Phone Number
  • Nomad Terrace
  • Break Out Areas
  • Coffee & Refreshments
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