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The prices for office space continue to rise even as businesses have implemented hybrid in-office and remote work strategies in the pandemic era. Small-business owners, startups, and solopreneurs have found that the money they had been spending on office space could be better used elsewhere, and many have shifted to shared office space. For these professionals, Office Evolution provides shared solutions that offer the benefits of working in an office setting without the monthly rent.

About Office Evolution

Office Evolution is one of the pioneers of the shared workspace, having been founded in 2003 in Colorado. Nearly 10 years after the company was founded, it started offering franchises, and it has grown to more than 80 office locations across the United States. Office Evolution was founded to offer affordable solutions to those who prefer a flexible workspace.


This company was founded to provide flexible workspaces that are easily accessible to a variety of people. Office Evolution was founded in a suburban area where flexible office space wasn’t always readily available. Instead of hosting meetings in an expensive urban location that is difficult to access, Office Evolution provides solutions to people all over the country, regardless of where they are based.

Since it began franchising in 2012, the company has maintained a family-like atmosphere, offering support and inspiration to the workspaces in which clients manage their own businesses. The company aims to inspire dreamers and doers to help their businesses thrive by offering settings that make it easy to collaborate and get any job done.

Service Offering

Office Evolution offers shared workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms for businesses of all sizes. Private offices are furnished and come with a receptionist, internet service, and shared kitchens. With more than 80 locations, members can travel to another city and take advantage of private offices and shared workspaces at different Office Evolution locations.

The company also offers meeting rooms and virtual offices for small-business owners who need a corporate office location.

Why Office Evolution Is Different?

Consistent Experience

Even though each location may be operated by a different franchisee, Office Evolution members can expect the same level of service at each location across the country. If they are interested in scheduling client meetings while they’re in another city, they should know that they will receive the same attention to detail that they would at their home office.

Close to Home

Instead of being tied to a dense city, Office Evolution offers locations in the suburbs and more remote areas. Most people can find a location close to them, so they don’t have to trade in-office productivity for a lengthy commute.

Pricing Options

Memberships are available at a variety of price levels, and many include $60 of meeting room time every month. These options can help entrepreneurs and other small-business owners save money while also allowing them to maintain a professional presence when meeting with clients. Members also appreciate the professional staff who can help them with everything from meeting arrangements to stocking office supplies.

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