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Finding a suitable office space for your business can be time-consuming. If you're looking for a coworking company within the US that can meet all your needs, check out what Serendipity Labs has to offer.

Company Background


Serendipity Labs offers upscale work environments created for your everyday work life. Their ever-expanding network consists of at least 100 owned and managed office buildings, residential projects, hotels, and retail properties. This company offers coworking and flexible offices hosted by on-site hospitality teams in over 25 urban and suburban locations across the country.

About Serendipity Labs

Different businesses have different needs, and Serendipity Labs knows this well. That's why for the past decade, they've strived to provide customers like you with unmatched flexibility and an inspirational work experience. This renowned coworking company meticulously designs their locations with intelligence and care to offer you the best service possible. Serendipity Labs aims to:

  • Become part of their communities.
  • Help members reach their fullest potential.
  • Provide customers with consistency.
  • Offer exceptional service.


Founded in 2011, Serendipity Labs has built a strong network of exclusive workplaces equipped with the latest technology. Their mission is to offer businesses like yours modern facilities at the highest service level standards. This internationally-renowned company is more than corporate real estate. In fact, they use a hospitality business approach that distinguishes them from other alternatives in the industry.

Service Offerings

Over 10 years of experience providing consistent and peerless workplaces have allowed Serendipity Labs to master the art of incomparable hospitality. The company and their development partners work hard to make each location unique and a part of the community it serves.

By choosing any of their convenient office spaces, customers get access to every Serendipity Labs in the US. This gives all members the chance to work where and how they want. Serendipity Labs offers their customers the following amenities:

  • Dedicated offices with full-time Lab privileges and keyed entry.
  • Guest reception.
  • Professional concierge services.
  • Secure high-speed internet.
  • Printing service.
  • Complimentary monthly coworking passes to all locations.
  • Local full-service hospitality staff.
  • Complimentary coffee.
  • Premium snacks.

Private Offices

Serendipity Lab's private offices are designed to seat one to three people. They have all the standard office appliances and services, including:

  • A lockable door
  • Full-sized desks
  • Ergonomic chairs

Additionally, customers can pick from other handy service upgrades like filing cabinets, hard-wired connections, and more.

Team Rooms

Larger businesses are also a priority for Serendipity Labs. That's why they offer large capacity, customizable team rooms that seat up to 10 members. All team rooms can be branded and are equipped with:

  • A lockable door
  • Full-size desks
  • Ergonomic chairs

Members can also access additional service upgrades like filing cabinets and hard-wired connections.


For those who require a more spacious environment, Serendipity Labs provides distraction-free coworking spaces with high-speed internet and maximum flexibility. This office space option is perfect for solo members and businesses that don't require a permanent desk. Coworking plans include business hours access for all common areas.

Meetings & Events

Serendipity Labs offers high-performance meeting spaces for their members. These rooms are perfect for a wide variety of corporate meetings and events and are serviced by the location's on-site hospitality team. The meeting and event spaces host up to 100 guests and offer enterprise-grade WiFi and reliable network infrastructure.

3 Reasons Why Serendipity Labs Is Unique and Different

According to current members, the things that set Serendipity Labs apart are:

  1. Their hospitality service approach.
  2. Their state-of-the-art facilities.
  3. Their superior amenities.

If you want to learn more, visit their website and contact them today.

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