Workbar offers 11 flexible and wellness-focused workspaces, industry-leading partnerships, and more to teams of all sizes across Greater Boston.

About Workbar

Workbar LogoWorkbar is a Boston-based coworking space provider that has been providing flexible, local and wellness-focused workspaces to teams of all sizes since 2009. This fast-growing company offers a range of membership options that allow members to be in charge of when and where they work each day, with 11 locations spread across Greater Boston never more than 20 minutes away.

Flexible Memberships

Workbar provides flexible membership options tailored to individual needs and requirements, with both short and long-term options available. The company's industry-leading partnership with Synergy also offers premium Downtown Boston office space for teams of 10 to 100, starting at 9 months terms for businesses of all sizes.

Member Wellness

Catering to member wellness, Workbar spaces feature streaming natural light and ample airflow that provides a natural boost of well-being throughout the workday. Offering resources and tools necessary for success, this workplace provider helps drive performance, happiness, and inspiration in offices nationwide.

Dedicated to Success

Workbar is dedicated to helping teams of all sizes reach their goals, offering productivity-boosting and game-changing workspaces. Through its flexible membership options, wellness-focused spaces, industry-leading partnerships, and more, Workbar provides a better way to work that allows members to focus on what really matters - reaching success with their businesses.

Amenities & Features

Photo: Work Bar Coworking Boston

  • 24/7 Access
  • Workbar Network
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Cafe
  • Free Drinks, Coffee & Tea
  • Fast WI-FI
  • Private Nursing Rooms
  • Flexible Memberships
  • High-Tech Meeting Rooms
  • On-Site Team
  • Technology Platform
  • Event Programming

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