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As cities all over the country lift restrictions, workers are returning to the office — and that office has changed. About four in 10 employees now work remotely at least part of the time. With the surge in hybrid work, some employers are realizing that a traditional office lease no longer makes sense. That's where Common Desk comes in. Their flexible workspaces are already equipped to meet the workforce of the future.

About Common Desk

Common Desk provides a dynamic work environment for anyone in need of office space. They offer everything from a dedicated mailbox to shared workspaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, and anyone who wants a break from traditional office settings.

Our workspaces are situated in prime locations with easy access to restaurants and other attractions. They include open spaces, meeting rooms, and chat booths — along with local art and our very own coffee brand. Each space is move-in ready and designed to foster creativity and collaboration. To further bring their communities together, they're known to throw the occasional happy hour.


Common Desk was envisioned as a workspace where people can connect with like minds who inspire their best work. In fact, the founders worked to connect professionals before ever opening an office space. Prompted by the stifling nature of cubicles, CEO Nick began to imagine what a flexible office could be. This vision became reality in 2012 when the first Common Desk space opened in Dallas. Instead of feeling drained by Monday, workers found that they we're excited to head to work every day.

Service Offerings

Today, they have over 100 office suites across the country designed to accommodate diverse teams. A team suite membership is great for large companies with remote departments or startups experiencing fast growth.

Common Desk offers shared desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. A solopreneur or entrepreneur in need of professional space to connect with clients will find a range of options to choose from. For companies branching into media marketing, Common Desk provides podcast studios.

Their membership options are designed to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets. Memberships include unlimited conference room rentals and access to all of our locations. They also offer office day passes and coworking day passes — no membership required.

How Is Common Desk Different?

Community - From our intentional design to curated events, Common Desk is dedicated to creating connections. Each member is equally valued. Our shared offices build communities of workers who network and promote each other's businesses.

Resources - They offer many services to our members, from event planning to public relations. Startups and other small businesses benefit from access to our team of professionals.

People - Each location is managed by a passionate team that ensures members make the most of their time with us. Whether that is a student looking for a break from the library or a large company hosting a remote team, our staff makes each experience a valuable one.

Common Desk has taken office space to a new level by connecting members who inspire shared success. From craft coffee to state-of-the-art technology, they are dedicated to making every workday the best it can be. Contact Common Desk to learn more.

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