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About The Yard

Like the previous companies discussed, The Yard also provides private offices and coworking spaces to thousands of businesses in the U.S. However, they take a somewhat different approach to coworking. The Yard focuses on a professional work culture combined with creativity, inspiration, and socialization --- all coming together in a balance of work and play.

With entrepreneurship and real estate backgrounds, Morris Lewy and Richard Beyda started The Yard in 2011 based on business owners needing workspace for their employees but unable to afford long-term leases.

The Yard started from a single location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and has since expanded to more New York City locations, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. 

Service Offerings

The Yard offers its members a place to get down and do some serious work. Membership gives access to services like:

  • Dedicated desk
  • Private office space
  • Enterprise coworking space
  • Virtual office space
  • Art gallery
  • In-house cafe

What Makes The Yard Unique?

The Yard positions itself as a "grown-up" coworking space where members can concentrate on their work in privacy. With its "no beer" policy and "no distracting games" like foosball and arcades, The Yard attracts businesses that require a workplace free from disruptions.

The Yard highlights a tight-knit community by designing its locations to be small and cozy, making it easy for your employees to collaborate and draw inspiration from one another.

The Yard Art Program is a distinctive feature separating this coworking office space company from others. The Art Program works with curators to display the work of various artists. This program provides local artists with a space to display their work while surrounding you and your employees with beautiful arts.

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