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About Pacific Workplaces

Locally owned and operated for nearly 20 years, Pacific Workplaces is a popular coworking option on the West Coast.

The company's Workplace-as-a-Service has plenty of workplace solutions, from full-time offices to dedicated desks across its 17 establishments. For the tech-lovers out there, Pacific Workplaces also works with sister company CloudVO, where members can use the subscription-based CloudTouchdown pass to book workspaces or services worldwide.

The pass is a great solution for mobile workers, corporate travelers, or a workforce distributed over many locations who'd like a physical space to work from aside from their home or hotel room.

Pacific Workplaces has sites spread out across California and Nevada, with a good amount of the workspaces located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company's All-Access pass lets members access any of its locations for those wanting to check out some new scenery.

Service Offerings

  • Private offices
  • Virtual offices
  • Coworking spaces
  • Meeting rooms

Why Pacific Workplaces Stands Out:

Solutions for Attorneys

Pacific Workplaces made legal practitioners a focal point when they first launched. As a result, their workspaces have become a hotspot for both solo attorneys and deposition firms. The coworking company offers an online legal research platform at a hefty discount, making it a particularly appealing place for attorneys to complete daily and long-term tasks at an unbeatable price.

Enterprise-Grade Technology

Workers who thrive off fiber-optic internet speed will enjoy Pacific Workplaces' choice of lightning-fast internet packages. There's the Fueled package for basic internet needs, the Energized package for more advanced requirements, and the Turbo deal.

With Turbo, workers can connect to their own corporate HQ using a VPN, or virtual private network, among plenty of other benefits. Having a package for every type of worker helps provide more options and an even better coworking experience.

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