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A tech destination for start-ups in Los Angeles

About Indie Desk

Indie Desk LogoIndie Desk is a co-working space located in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). It was established in 2011 as a concept space, making it the first co-working space in DTLA. The initial concept of Indie Desk was aimed at gentrification in the historic core of DTLA. However, the vision quickly evolved into positioning DTLA as a tech destination for startups.

Over the years, Indie Desk has witnessed the changes in DTLA and played a significant role in the diversity of its members. The area has witnessed significant residential growth and the sprouting of new businesses that have become part of DTLA's identity. Indie Desk is proud to have helped birth several startups, such as Burner, LootCrate, Visionary VR, VRLA, and Mindshow, among others.

Vibrant Community

The space was initially designed to provide freelancers in any industry with a workspace. Indie Desk has set out to create a vibrant community and creative hub for tech, creative, and freelance entrepreneurs. The goal is to create an environment where they can flourish, and eventually graduate from our space to a workspace they can call their own. This will provide an infusion of quality job opportunities and expendable income that will fuel the local economy.

Location Change & Expansion

Indie Desk is a spin-off of INDIE PRINTING. The founders sought to create a space that would act as a conduit for co-working. Thanks to Brookfield properties, Indie Desk has moved to a new location in the Wells Fargo Center with millions of available square feet. This makes Bunker Hill's financial district poised to become a tech, creative, and innovative business hub for years to come.

Indie Desk is an excellent co-working space that offers freelancers in any industry a workspace to grow and develop their ideas. The space has played a significant role in the transformation of DTLA from gentrification through positioning it as a tech destination for startups. Through this ongoing change process, it seeks to continue providing support for its vibrant community while contributing towards growth in the economy locally too!

Amenities & Features

Photo: Indie Desk 333 South Grand Avenue

  • Mail Handling
  • Networking Events
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Break Out Space
  • Phone Booths
  • 24/7 Access
  • Print & Scan
  • Stocked Kitchen
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Furnished
  • Friendly Reception Staff

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