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About CommonGrounds Workplace

CommonGrounds Workplace is a national Workplace-as-a-Service (WaaS) company that provides coworking spaces for individuals and businesses of all sizes --- from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. CommonGrounds provides flexible office spaces and reconfigurable, human-centric workplaces with enterprise-grade solutions. 

Founded in 2015 by Jacob Bates, CommonGrounds started with its first location in Southern California and is currently headquartered in San Diego. Since then, the company has expanded to multiple locations, including Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, and Utah.

Service Offerings

CommonGrounds is the next-gen workplace for creatives, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. According to the CEO David Bates: 

"We have found that people and businesses need various typologies of spaces to be productive and reduce friction in their workday."

CommonGrounds designs technological workspaces for your employees to foster productive collaborations within your business networks. With a CommonGrounds membership, you'll get a workplace with the following perks:

  • Conference and break rooms
  • Sound insulated phone boots
  • In-house cafe, think rooms, and well-being rooms
  • Kitchen, bars, and lounge areas
  • Event centers

What Makes CommonGrounds Unique?

CommonGrounds takes a different approach away from traditionally leased offices by providing Workplace-as-a-Service. 

Your workspace needs to adapt to your company's shifting demands. CommonGrounds helps solve that challenge by offering a Hackable Environment™, which gives you the flexibility to reconfigure (aka hack) your workspace based on your needs but without starting from scratch. 

CommonGrounds's architectural and design division will work with you to create custom-built office spaces that suit your brand.

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