Werqwise Coworking

About Werqwise?

In 2017, Alan Mackay, Naveen Khugpath, and Richard Evans founded Werqwise. The trio set out to create an unconventional workspace with the belief that it’s not just about the space but also the people.

The company currently has two locations — their headquarters in San Francisco and San Mateo, California. Werqwise creates innovative environments that suit a variety of businesses.

Service Offerings

Werqwise creates workspaces and services that allow businesses to be flexible with their office space needs. The membership options include:

  • Shared Workspace, where business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can work together. This is designed to encourage a free flow of ideas.
  • Private Office Spaces help their members focus on what counts. It creates the perfect environment to keep teams motivated and connected to their business. The company’s in-house construction crew designs private office spaces to the client’s specifications.
  • Day Pass is for those who are tired of working from home. The members get to work in a well-equipped and furnished private office or from spacious indoor and outdoor lounges. There are also Multi-day and Meeting Room passes.
  • The WerqPro option allows businesses to customize their workspace to their taste. It also allows businesses to expand their workspace as their needs grow.

What Makes Werqwise Stand Out?

The company understands that business needs vary, so they strive to understand the needs of each business. This allows members to decide on the best environment they need to thrive — whether it’s a quiet desk, an interactive space, or a customized office space.

The company’s patented walling system allows businesses to customize their office space. As the business grows, their workspace can grow with them.

Werqwise also allows businesses to brand all facets of their workspace, both internal and external. This allows businesses to showcase their brand and personality.

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