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About Cross Campus?

Whether you’re a startup or an expert business mogul who is passionate about your work environment, Cross Campus workspaces will meet your company's needs.

Cross Campus understands that putting in long hours is important, but it won't get you to the peak of your career. An excellent space, amenities, and an opportunity to build and expand your network will help you get there faster.

Established in 2012, Cross Campus has locations in Santa Monica, Pasadena, Downtown LA, and South Bay.

Service Offerings

Cross Campus coworking spaces equip professionals and creatives with the kind of workspaces needed for optimum productivity and flexible collaboration.

Cross Campus workspaces are easily accessible, perfectly placed locations convenient for freelancers, startups, tech professionals, and digital agencies. Membership provides coworking spaces and opportunities to build valuable networks and attend events.

Coworking membership options include:

Campus/virtual: Access to shared work and meeting spaces, plus business services

  • Resident: Ideal for frequent users
  • Private desk/office: A personal office or desk
  • Enterprise: Perfect for large businesses in need of an efficient work environment; Cross Campus will collaborate with you to design your space to suit your needs
  • Rooms plus: This membership provides spaces customized to meet your team's needs

A Cross Campus membership also gives you the following perks:

  • Lounge area
  • Phone booths
  • TV monitor
  • 24/7 access
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Receptionist

What Makes Cross Campus Stand Out?

Whether your team comprises a few people or a larger group, Cross Campus locations have campus managers committed to your success.

Cross Campus sites are designed to build valuable networks and relationships that promote productivity. You don't just get a workspace but also resources to improve and expand your business.

The company attracts ambitious individuals and businesses, which could help you build valuable networks. And onsite events provide opportunities to socialize and strengthen those networks.

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