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Shift Workspaces

A Denver-Based Shared Workspace with an Environmental Consciousness. Explore three premium locations today.

About Shift Workspaces

Shift WorkspacesLogoShift Workspaces is a shared workspace provider based in Denver, Colorado, with a focus on creating a community of professionals who achieve success and value environmental sustainability. Since its inception, Shift Workspaces has strived to offer fully amenitized, environmentally conscious spaces that cater to the work styles of its members.

Conscious of the Environment

Shift Workspaces is committed to being an environmentally conscious community of global citizens. The company believes that small efforts can lead to a big impact, and thus promotes sustainable practices, including recycling, intelligent HVAC controls, LED lighting, and a zero carbon footprint goal.

Concentric Ecosystems

Shift Workspaces places members within concentric ecosystems of communities, helping them find balance in work and life, self and community. The company fosters meaningful connections among vibrant coworking communities across the globe.

The Shift Experience

The company offers private offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces that encourage collaboration, foster relationships, and support members on their journey to work better.

Convenient Locations

Shift Workspaces has three convenient locations in Denver that cater to professionals' needs and provide them with everything they need to succeed.

Amenities & Features

Photo: Shift Coworking Denver

  • Community Events
  • Phone Service
  • Printing
  • Dog-Friendly
  • Storage
  • Mailboxes
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Ergonomic Furniture
  • On-Site Support Team
  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 Access
  • Fitness Centre
  • Coffee, Tea, Espresso
  • Bike Storage
  • Healthy Snacks

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