Knotel Office Space

Knotel Office Space

Knotel provides amenity-rich flexible work environments to work, meet and socialize in prime locations across the US.

About Knotel


Since its launch in 2015, Knotel has quickly become one of the top flexible workspace leaders in the industry — and it's easy to understand why. Knotel takes its services a step further than simply offering office spaces for businesses.

The Knotel team's process begins with a personal meeting to understand a company's present and future business objectives. From there, Knotel finds a space that matches the organization's individual needs and tailors it to meet their every workspace desire. Once the organization is satisfied and moves in, Knotel continues to oversee facility operations and supply workplace amenities as requested. The entire Knotel journey is based on personalization on every level.


Knotel has spaces across four different continents, making it a coworking powerhouse in the U.S., there are locations across:

  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Miami
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle

Service Offerings

  • Custom long-term workspaces
  • Knotel Go: short-term workspaces

Why Knotel Stands Out:

Unique Business Model Knotel works with landlords under a profit-sharing business model rather than a lease agreement like many of its competitors do. Doing so allows them to build custom offices, with a percentage of the profits going straight to the landlord.

This model means companies can truly create the workspace they both want and need, rather than having to make compromises. Businesses can make use of Knotel's interior design services to reflect their company culture, perfect for building up company branding.

HealthyOffice Web Application Another big bonus of Knotel is its HealthyOffice web app. The free app lets upper management oversee the capacity of employees in the workspace for health and safety measures. This tool is especially useful if a company has a hybrid work model in place, allowing team members to sign up for spots on certain days. Employees can enjoy the ideal balance of in-person and at-home workdays.

Amenities & Features

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  • Grade A Offices
  • Reception Services
  • Kitchen Faciltiies
  • High-Speed Wifi
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Onsite Parking
  • Show Facilities
  • Premium Locations
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Board & Conference Rooms
  • Flexible Memberships

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